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A Comedy Podcast

A Comedy Podcast

I am an Improviser

“What do you do?,” she asked me as I was welcomed into the podcast meet-up group for the first time. The night before, while at an improv-clown rehearsal, the discussion landed upon this very topic. How should we respond to the “What do you do?” inquiry? Most of us feel the need to immediately respond with the job that fills out bank accounts the most from week to week. “I’m in tech.” “I’m an admin-assistant.” “I’m a lawyer.” While these are all fine answers, they don’t really describe who we are, and certainly it’s only a fraction of “what we do.”

A close friend once repeated a lie that was told to her. “You are what you do for a living.” While I had believed this at one point in my life, I also recognized that it was flawed and didn’t need the last three words. Instead, for it to be true, it should read, “You are what you do.” If you run, you are a runner. If you write, you are a writer. Maybe you are still learning or a student, which is a beautiful place to be. In fact, if you weren’t thrilled to be working as a minimum wage employee at McDonalds (which there is nothing wrong with) and you were in school to become an architect, you wouldn’t answer the question, “What Do You Do?” with “flip burgers.” You would say, “I’m in school to become an architect.” You would answer with your passion. Rather than focusing on what puts money in the bank, you would focus on what fills up your heart and soul. So, why do we as performers feel the need to apologize for who we are?

For those who are proud of their full-time money-making careers and want to share, go for it and let them know what it is that you do! You are lucky to be in a situation where your heart and bank accounts are filled with the same work. However, for those of us who perform and have a job and a side hustle and a gig and a freelance thing, we need to identify ourselves in the direction we most want to grow. And specifically, for improvisers, there is power in proudly stating, “I am an Improviser.” For starters, not many people will know what you mean, which is a good thing. Now you have the opportunity to explain. Others will think they understand, but they will also learn that to be an improviser doesn’t only mean playing onstage once a week.

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Improvisers are hustlers who make something out of nothing. We are problem solvers. We are communicators and networkers. We are adaptable and versatile. We see life from multiple perspectives and can adjust as the moment requires. We truly listen and help others feel heard. We are empathetic and diverse and accepting of others and our situations. We are interested and open to learning. We are fair and loving and passionate. We are risk takers and we look fear in the eyes and then run through it. We are also kind, but maybe we could start being a bit kinder to ourselves.

I’ve improvised my way through college, law school, a law firm, entrepreneurship, performing in theater, family, friends, and life. I’m an improviser. I improvise. I perform. I teach improv. I coach improv. I own other businesses. I’m ready to jump on any opportunity, and abandon any idea, and shift in any direction as soon as the moment seems right.

The next time you are asked the question, “What do you do?” maybe start with what you love. If you are a writer, say it. If you are an artist, say it. And if you are an improviser, state proudly, “I am an improviser…” and see what happens next. Either way, you are an improviser and you will figure it out.

Send in The Clowns - PrePisode #1: LAWWF

Clowns are wonderful, because they don’t need to plan a fun time…just bring them together and they create fun. That’s why I knew an impromptu podcast session with the clowns from Look At What We Found would be silly and fun. And it was! We talked ancestry backgrounds, Roy Moore, punching a rabbi, Racist Papa John, Costa Rican Tree Houses, Bidets, and so much more. We laughed and peed and enjoyed some yummy beers. (St Archer IPA and Mother Earth Cali Creaming Ale) and the whole time, the conversation flowed.

METG Show Pick Pre1.jpg

It was a light discussion. Not too much heavy talk (other than Hitler and Kasey’s fear of insulting anyone), but honest talk and love and chemistry between a team of extremely talented and committed performers. I love and respect these fools. They care about their art and their friends and their community and I’m a better clown/human for calling them my friends.

Enjoy the first Pre-pisode of the Most Excellent Tommy Galan Podcast!



First Podcast Recorded!

Merry Christmas to ME!  I’ve got my first podcast recorded with my Most Excellent Guest, Amy Lisewski. I bought a “Me Christmas Present” and it’s arrived…an official nightcap (not the drink… it’s a hat for my bald head at night.) AND I found a Reggae Christmas station on my Pandora Plus (that’s right, no more bullshit, free Pandora commercials for this guy!)


I’ve also have so many awesome podcast recordings lined up that I’m really debating moving up the start date. Conversations with Jay Sukow, Gary Ware, Lauren Flynn, the Look At What We Found Clowns, Nicole Galan, Tonight in San Diego’s Jesse Egan, San Diego City Council Candidate Matt Valenti and Horror Film Actor Extraordinaire-Graham Skipper are all in the works. Maybe I will just say that Amy’s Episode is the 1st official and it will be launched on January 2nd, and then release a bunch of pre-episodes as my practice sessions. Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep working to produce amazing content for 2018, while toking a candy cane to my Reggae Christmas Stylings with a warm night-capped skull. More to come…

Coming 2018

There comes a time in every comedian's life when they realize they need a space, a personal space, and a shared space. For some it is the comfort of a barstool across a sounding board bartender while swimming at the bottom of a Bulleit Rye bottle, and for others it is a long heady drag off the lord's cigarette with a good friend. Some write, some talk, some perform on stage or on film. Many do it all, and still there is a space desired..a man cave, a woman cave, a man/woman/woman/man/woman/and everything in between cave, where the lost art lingers...true personal communication. 

The social media with all it's promise has failed to be both social or media. In yesteryear, we learned and grew through conversation in a beautiful space carved out specifically for this purpose. A Most Excellent Space! And for me, and you, it will return. Through a merger of mediums and ideas and a return to where it all began we will recapture this Most Excellent Space...the conversation. Most Excellent Conversations, with me, Tommy Galan, on a space that I'm creating to continue the conversation we left behind. It will be a conversation with friends, colleagues, comedians, thinkers, movers and shakers from all walks of life. The Most Excellent Conversations on "The Most Excellent Tommy Galan Podcast"...Coming Soon...January 2018...Please Join Us!

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