Most Excellent Tommy Galan Podcast

A Comedy Podcast

A Comedy Podcast


Tommy Galan is a comedian, improviser, clown and performer with over 25 years of stage experience. He performs weekly on Finest City Improv's House Team Camelflage, and monthly with 10City! and Look At What We Found.

Tommy performs across the United States and internationally with performances in New York, San Diego, and has been seen in the New York Comedy Festival presented by Comedy Central, the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Toronto SketchFest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, New York SketchFest and Montreal Comedy Festival. 

Most Excellent Tommy Galan Podcast is his long form podcast where he interviews guests from a wide range of background and experiences.


"This was one of the most brilliant acts of the night...The highlight of the evening."  ~examiner review

"They were wonderfully intuitive with one another and committed to strong physical performances and rather than going straight for the obvious would constantly surprise the audience with a considered anarchic approach, even linking sketches by referencing characters and situations established earlier on with a through line arc of drama.

This to me was improv at its best with two thinking performers on their feet responding intelligently to one another in rapid characterizations and scenes growing out of their own drama, both completely in control of their technique but flexible enough to circumnavigate it to arrive at fearless and daring comedy theatre." ~David Bottomley Review

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